A Fall Scavenger Hunt for Kids

Fall is making itself known in my neighborhood and I hope it's the same for you.

I pretty much love everything about fall and I want to share that love with my grandchildren.  Sharing the love is one of the ways we build connections and memories, right?

My oldest grandchild is 3 1/2 and she is just beginning to learn and understand seasonal changes.  During her recent visit, we focused on seasonal fall activities.

One of those activities was a fall scavenger hunt.

A Fall Scavenger Hunt for Kids

A Free Fall Scavenger Hunt Worksheet

A fall scavenger hunt is a fun activity that encourages grandmas and grandchildren to explore the outdoors. You can get this free worksheet to download and print here.

This scavenger hunt worksheet was customized to fall items that can easily be found in my neighborhood. Take a look around your neighborhood to see if you can find these things, too.  If not, you'll want to customize your worksheet to be sure your grandchild can be successful in finding the items that are in your area.

Before the Scavenger Hunt

  1. Talk about the four seasons with your grandkids. Talk about the ways fall differs from the other seasons.
  2. To prepare for the fall scavenger hunt activity you might want to read some fall books with your grandkids.  Here are some suggestions.
  3. Ask older children what they know about the fall season.  Why do leaves change color?  Why do leaves fall from the trees?  Why does it get darker sooner?  Why does it get cooler?

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Some Ideas to Ensure a Successful Scavenger Hunt

  1. Plan ahead.
  2. Check the weather. Choose a day that is sunny and pleasant.
  3. Bring a collection bag or pail.
  4. Print your scavenger hunt worksheet in advance.
  5. Will you offer a prize for the successful completion of the scavenger hunt? Gather your prize in advance.
  6. Most importantly, have fun!

My granddaughter and I had so much fun completing the scavenger hunt.  Here's what we found.

Get a free PDF for a fun Fall Scavenger Hunt
Fall Scavenger Hunt

If your grandkids love scavenger hunts you may want to stock up on some fun scavenger hunt tools.  Try one or more of these:

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